Hi, my name is Zana and I am the creator of The Fridge Light, Custom Catering-Sweets & Savouries 

What initially started out as a passion project for combining a wildly strong admiration for anything culinary, art, photography and a love for supporting local artisans, I started to focus on creating Boutique Desserts, Cakes & Charcuterie for the Shuswap area and has now blossomed into a small scale custom catering service. Whether it be for the delicious finishing touches on the wedding of your dreams, a birthday celebration, a housewarming gift, corporate gathering, baby shower, day out on the boat or a romantic date night with the one you love, I’ve got you covered! Even if you just want to eat a tub of delicious craft ice cream by yourself, I’m here for you.
Growing up around incredible home made foods created by my talented, inspirational mother and waking up to the smell of fresh baked scones, breads and other delicious treats most of my youth, started me on a path that saw me as a professional cook. I successfully challenged my culinary exam and achieved my Professional Cook Level 1 Certification. I then continued my passion for food in my own personal culinary journey that has taken me to where I am today, a self taught Baker and Cook with unwavering attention to detail and an immense pride in ensuring I always leave my clients happy and their stomachs full.
All of my items are 100% custom created, scratch made and locally sourced from the impressive amount of talented businesses in my area.
With only just creating The Fridge Light in less than a year, the community, the support of my family and friends with a dash of stubbornness, determination and my vision, it has given me the confidence that there is room for growth and advancement here in the Shuswap for my little dream to flourish into something bigger than I’d ever imagined. (Honestly it already has)
It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for it to grow into the small, successful business it has become today.
So without further a-due, 

Let’s eat!!