Custom Cakes *all 4 layered*

4” $40
6” $65
8” $80

Filled &Fancy w/hand crafted Macaron topper $65 per dozen/minimum dozen
Basic & Fancy -$45 per dozen/half $27
Cake Jars 8oz -$5.75 each/dozen minimum
Cream cheese Jars 8oz-$6.50 each/dozen minimum 

Macarons $30
Madeleines $27 
Butter Crust Tarts $35 
Pate a Choux (cream puffs) $35/chocolate dipped and filled with your choice of whip, custard, pastry cream, mousse
*all items above are minimum dozen per order*

Craft Ice Cream 16oz $12

~All Cakes, Cupcakes, Ice Cream and desserts are custom made to order, how YOU want them. Provide me with a couple of your favourite flavours, I will then create something unique, special and delicious. Or if you are the kind of person to say “you do you” I am 100% ok with that too~

 Jarcututerie 8oz $5.50 each/minimum dozen per order
 Mimi Mini 4x4 *box only*-$25/minimum 6 per order
Small 8x8 -$65
Medium 12x12 -$120
Large (The Party Pleaser) 16x16- $225
Graze Tables start at $27 per person

Specialty Items & Extras start at $5
Caviar (red or black) 
Smoked Salmon
Extra meats & cheeses
Extra desserts
GF/VEGAN options available with price adjustment

~All Charcuterie platters are hand crafted by TFL and are included in the purchase ~

When booking, please give as much advanced notice as possible. I realize that in some cases it is hard to predict, however, when the moons are in perfect alignment, I can do my best to get your order in on short notice. I tend to book up quickly, especially over the Hallmark Holidays 

*prices subject to change*